Benefits and Frequently Asked Questions

Quick & Easy To Use

The Key Person Risk Management platform provides a quick, easy, online tool for you to proactively help your clients understand the importance of key person risk management.

Review In Seconds

Import your clients and complete the annual check-up in less time than it takes to power up your laptop.

Families And Dependents

Having the right life and key person insurance strategies also protects the families and financial dependents that rely on the key people to survive financially.

Reduce Litigation Risk

The KPRM platform helps protect you and your firm from aggressive insurance and estate litigation lawyers. Never leave yourself open to a client suing because in your professional capacity, you never recommended they reviewed their key person risks.

Help Your Clients

Proactively add value to your client relationships with the low cost high quality KPRM solution. Clients will thank you for helping them understand their key person risks.

Check-up Results

You and your clients receive the check-up results in an easy to understand format.

Puts You In Control

Should your client require further insurance advice, you can collaborate with your preferred life and key person insurance partners.

No Product Selling

The KPRM platform is independent of product providers and provides your clients with general guidance and an objective approach to considering life and key person insurance strategies, so they can make an informed decision about protecting themselves adequately against key person risks.

Income is the thing that pays for everything in our lives and without it, no-one can survive financially.

We all spend the best part of our lives working hard to provide for our families, invest for the future and most of all, enjoy life.

It’s important to realise that our family’s livelihood and all we have worked for, can disappear if our income stops.

It is essential for employees and business owners to protect their current and future income, with the right life, income protection and key person insurances.

It takes 30 seconds to register and uploading your clients can be done in 2 clicks.

KPRM is quick and easy to use because:

  • There is no setup to learn.
  • You can have all of clients loaded and setup in 2 clicks.
  • From there, it is 30 seconds worth of time to deliver this service to each of your clients.

KPRM is designed for General Insurance Brokers, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners and Lawyers to use with their clients.

In 2 clicks, KPRM provides some easy to understand information and a reminder for your clients to review their life, income protection and key person insurance, when certain financial events occur e.g. when renewing their general insurances, lodging tax returns, refinancing loans, reviewing investment strategies, updating their wills or when they ask about reviewing their life, income protection and key person insurances.

We always ask you to select who you want your clients to speak to if they want advice or need some help.

The options you can select for your clients are:

  • You.
  • Your life insurance referral partners.
  • If you do not provide life insurance advice and do not have referral partners for life insurance, we can connect you and your clients with a qualified adviser in your area (at your request).

From there, our built in workflow and referral tools will help you seamlessly track where everything is up to.

Please contact your General Insurance Broker, Accountant, Mortgage Broker, Financial Planner or Lawyer and they will be able to assist you with accessing this tool.